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Hope for Guatemala: Saving children from starvation


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GUATEMALA (WKOW)-- Local volunteers are doing some amazing things in rural Guatemala for a Verona-based organization called Outreach for World Hope. We take you to a very important program for the non-profit. As we continue our special report 'Hope for Guatemala.'

245 children have a chance to survive thanks to people back in Wisconsin who sponsor them.

$29 a month sponsors a child through Outreach for World Hope. The family comes once a month to receive food and medical care if they need it.

In the bag of food: beans, cooking oil, soup, rice, fortified cereal, pasta, powdered milk, vitamin drink.

"We'll be giving out vitamins, underwear, which is a big need here," said Kim. "We'll be giving out toys for the children so it's a very special day for these families."

Many sponsors back in Wisconsin can't make it to Guatemala themselves. Cleo and Lloyd Tindall report back; personally handing out gifts and taking pictures to show how the children have grown and are healthy.

"Here are a couple things I have for you Octavio," said Heather. "I brought things for you and your family."

Heather Halweg is one of the lucky ones. Heather first met Octavio a year ago when she started sponsoring him.

"He was dying from starvation and Outreach found him and put him in the program," said Heather. "And now he's healthy and he's happy and his family is prospering. It is truly, truly God's work."

It's that chance to actually meet your sponsored child that drew Heather to the program.

"Your money, your gifts, everything you give you get to see it in action," said Heather. "You see it working."

A small connection making a big difference in both their lives.

"Hopefully once a year I can continue to come back and be able to see him," said Heather. "If not, he'll continue to grow and be healthy and happy."

"I'll see you later sweetie, I'll see you later," Heather said to Octavio.

Programming note: tune in on March 12th at 5pm for a half-hour special: Hope for Guatemala.

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