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Democrats hold office hours outside Wednesday afternoon

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Capitol remained under tight security Wednesday.

The Department of Administration said a total of 1135 visitors came and went, with no major incidents or arrests.

Lines of people stretched near the King Street entrance of the Capitol; inside, there were more lines. Visitors were escorted to hearings or meetings with lawmakers by police officers.

Democrat assembly members said the tightened security made it so difficult for constituents to get into the building, they brought their offices to them.

Those with offices on the first floor brought their desks outside onto the Capitol lawn, holding office hours and speaking with constituents.

Representative Cory Mason, (D, Racine), said, "A lot of people have been turned away, or have had to wait for hours. We're out here to listen to the people who elected us and make sure they still have a voice."

Inside, smaller numbers of protesters remain on the first floor. Police stand watch at every entrance.

James Roberts, a Madison Firefighter who came out to the Capitol Wednesday, said, "The Department of Administration says it is open to the public, but it really isn't open to the public."

Ross Wagner, a UW-Madison student, said he's slept in the Capitol all week, and is going to continue.

Wagner said, "I feel like it's important to stay. Things should not go back to normal."

The Department of Administration Secretary Michael Huebsch told a judge Wednesday he'd like to open the Capitol back up to the public completely, but is worried about ensuring safety, and ensuring people would leave at the end of the evening.

Court proceedings continue Thursday, as do the tightened security measures. The Capitol opens again to the public at 8 AM Thursday.

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