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Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald on Senate standstill


MADISON (WKOW) -- With the 14 Democratic senators away in Illinois, work on the budget repair bill and the Governor's budget remains at a standstill.

Representative Jeff Fitzgerald, the Assembly Speaker, weighed in on the stalemate.

Rep. Fitzgerald says, "I think if they come back, you could probably make some progress. But with them out of state, it doesn't seem to be moving an any direction right now."

Fitzgerald also issued another warning to Democrats if they do not pass the budget bill.

He said, "If the budget repair bill isn't in place, there will be a lot of layoffs for teachers and local municipalities. And I think those layoffs are going to be on the Democrats' hands because if you put the budget repair bill in place, and you have those extra dollars, there won't be as many layoffs."

Fitzgerald believes the budget repair bill will leave some school districts better off.

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