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Rev. Jesse Jackson praises absent senators

MADISON (WKOW) -- Rev. Jesse Jackson said the absent democratic senators should be considered "heroes and heroines" for their flight to Illinois and boycott of Governor Walker's budget repair bill and its virtual elimination of collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Jackson said if the democrats had resorted to conventional means and simply voted as the minority party in the senate on the bill and lost,  attention would not have been focused on the bill's implications for unions, nor on Walker's subsequent two-year budget and its cost cutting of schools and state programs.

Jackson also said upcoming April municipal elections would be crucial to maintaining momentum for the movement to protect worker rights.   He predicted the tens of thousands of people who have rallied in Madison against Walker's plans would produce heated turn outs at the ballot box.

In speaking to a crowd of dozens of people, Jackson also noted the upcoming anniversary of marches in Selma, Alabama in defiance of Governor George Wallace to secure voting rights for black citizens, and likened the effort to the current attempt to protect worker collective bargaining rights.   "From Wallace to Walker,"   Jackson told the crowd in calling for continued advocacy.

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