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Gov. Walker supporters hold rally


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MADISON (WKOW) -- The "Stand With Walker Bus Tour" arrived in Madison this Sunday at the Alliant Energy Center, designed to show support for the governor's controversial budget repair bill.

The event was sponsored by the conservative group "Americans for Prosperity."

Hundreds of pro-Walker supporters were at the rally today, met by hundreds of pro-union members outside.

First - we'll take you inside the Alliant Energy Center.

Madison is the final stop - in a four day "Stand for Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill" tea party rally.

The director of the group - "Americans For Prosperity" says this is a grassroots organization.

"You so often see the other side being laid out - this is what the event is all about," said Matt Seaholm, Americans for Prosperity Member.

Back again to join the rally - Joe Wurzelbacher - or "Joe The Plumber" from Ohio.

You may remember him from Sarah Palin during the presidential debates in 2008.

"Willing to do the hard work and set our state to fiscal responsibility and he's demonized for it - and this leads me to conclude that democrats and unions stand for bankrupting our state," said Nancy Mistle, Madison Tea Party Member.

While there were about 700 people supporting Walker inside - there are many people against Governor Walker's bill protesting.

"Literally every corner we hear of dozens and hundreds of people opposing this bill this is a indefinite mobilization against this bill and we're not gunna quit until this bill is killed," said Scot Ross, with One Wisconsin Now.

"The unions have made concessions but that's not enough for him - he wants to take away collective bargaining rights and that's not right," said Terry Lane, Madison Resident.

While the debate means so much to so many - on both sides they do agree - and hope a conclusion will be made.

"Communication is a two-way street so hopefully we can hear their side and they can hear our side," said Lane.


MADISON (WKOW, AP) -- About 700 supporters of Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill rallied at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison today.

The rally was organized by national conservative group Americans for Prosperity. Several hundred bill opponents lined the street leading into the arena where the rally was staged, chanting "Kill the bill!" and "Recall Walker!"

Joel Ninneman was one of those at the rally in support of Walker. He says the voters spoke in November, putting the Republican governor and Republican majority in place in the Legislature. He says it's time for public employees to pay more for their benefits as Walker is proposing.

The bus tour started Thursday in Kenosha and made 10 stops including Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and La Crosse.

The Associated Press contributed this report.

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