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MMSD evaluating 1,000 medical excuse notes from teachers for legitimacy


By Derek Staahl - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison Metropolitan School District said Monday it is evaluating more than 1,000 medical excuse notes submitted by teachers to determine if they are legitimate, a district spokesperson said.

Teachers submitted approximately 1,020 medical excuse notes on February 16, 17, 18, and 21, district spokesperson Ken Syke said. Those are the four days Madison schools were forced to shut down because of massive teacher absences in protest of the governor's budget repair bill.

"We say approximately because some notes might have been duplicates or may have been double counted in the process," Syke told 27 News in an email, adding that some staff submitted individual notes for each day, while others submitted a single note covering multiple days.

On February 19, a group of licensed Wisconsin doctors, including some from UW-Health, were on Capitol Square passing out medical excuse notes to teachers and others.

UW-Health is investigating the incident, and has said that any doctors who passed out notes were acting as individuals, not on behalf of the organization.

Doctors on the square defended their actions, insisting the notes were legitimate, and said recipients of the notes were evaluated for symptoms including stress.

Syke says any teachers who called in sick and cannot provide a valid medical excuse note will not be paid, but officials are still not sure how many of the notes would be considered illegitimate.

Teachers who submitted an illegitimate note with a prior history of attendance issues would be evaluated for further consequences, Syke said.

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