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UPDATE: Senator Mark Miller offers three options in letter to governor, GOP


MADISON (WKOW) --  Senate Democrats in Illinois tell 27 News they are not coming back to Wisconsin tonight.

Democratic Sen. Fred Risser tells 27 News that the Democrats are meeting tonight to discuss Gov. Walker's budget repair bill.

Earlier in the day, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller sent the following letter to the Governor and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald Wednesday afternoon, offering three options for compromise.

Dear Governor Walker, Majority Leader Fitzgerald and Speaker Fitzgerald:

After three weeks of discussions, debate and unprecedented input on proposed budget adjustment legislation, the people have clearly said they want us to reach a negotiated settlement that protects worker rights. It appears there are now three options before us.

With an agreement between all parties, the bill currently before the Senate could be amended. Limited, preliminary discussions have occurred and, as you know, the Senate Democratic caucus would support modifications that restore collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin workers.

Yesterday, Assembly and Senate Democrats offered a clean slate bill that resolves our fiscal issues and accepts the economic concessions workers have offered to make. Taking up this bill would allow everyone to move forward without anyone having to take back votes or cross lines in the sand.

Or, despite overwhelming public support for a negotiated settlement that preserves worker rights, you could keep lines of communication closed.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to discuss our options to move Wisconsin forward.

Senate and Assembly Democrats sent a memorandum to Gov. Walker, Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald and Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, explaining their alternative adjustment bill. Click here to read the memorandum.

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