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Democratic leaders upset over amended bill passing State Senate

By Julia Fello - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) -- Democratic leaders are crying fowl over how this amended bill was passed tonight.

The one person most vocal about the process of this bill going though at a fast pace is Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca.

He says what the republicans did - was in violation of an open meetings law passed in August of 2010.

"You have to have good cause if you're gunna have less than 24 hours notice for a meeting any doubt the government should provide," said Representative Peter Barca.

The bill was passed to the Senate floor, as people yelled "Shame."

"It is outrageous and a continuation of a pattern of abuse of power they are so eager to take the rights people have enjoyed for 50 years," said Representative Barca.

After the amended bill passed the Senate, many assembly democrats rushed to the Capitol, including Representative Kelda Roys.

"I just cannot believe the lengths they are going to go to strip people of their rights they passed it in 5 minutes no discussion," said Rep. Roys.

"It's a non-fiscal document that does not even accomplish the goals of a Budget Repair Bill," said Assembly Minority Leader Rep. Barca.

We also reached out to Senator Fitzgerald about the open meetings law.

In an e-mail he wrote: under Senate Rule 93 no advance notice is required other than posting on the legislative bulletin board and despite the rule - it was decided to give a two hour notice on the bulletin board.

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