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Dane Co. Exec. Falk issues statement on lawsuit


MADISON (WKOW) -- County Executive Kathleen Falk is challenging the recent action taken by the Wisconsin state legislature. She argues that the Senate did not have the legally required quorum of 20 senators when it passed the bill on Wednesday night.

Friday's lawsuit follows legal complaints Dane County filed Thursday with the Dane County District Attorney and Wisconsin Attorney General.

Falk released the statement regarding the Dane County lawsuit filed in Dane County Court Friday morning.

"The founders of our state and nation created a government of checks and balances to prevent the kind of abuse of power that we've so sadly witnessed in the Wisconsin State Capitol in recent days.

That's why Dane County is taking legal action, filing suit this morning to block the Republican legislature and Governor's efforts to eliminate the rights of Wisconsin workers. Good public policy doesn't result from violating the law - - it results from people listening to and working with one another.

Through my many years as County Executive and Assistant Wisconsin Attorney General, I know our state government is supposed to work better than it has this week."

At the court hearing, prosecutors discussed assigning an advisor to assess security restrictions. Another hearing will be held on Monday at 4 p.m.

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