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Workers rally after bill signing

POPLAR (WKOW) -- News of the bill signing is firing up demonstrators all over the state.

State workers in Northwestern Wisconsin woke up early to rally in the town of Poplar.

Democratic state Senator, Bob Jauch joined them, after spending three weeks in Illinois.

Jauch says he came back to show solidarity with the thousands of Wisconsin citizens who oppose Walker's bill.

He's calling public workers the real heroes in the fight.

"Coming back to Wisconsin to join these 3.5 million people who oppose the end of collective bargaining, to restore the rights that mean so much to workers around Wisconsin," Jauch said.

Jauch says he'll join Senate Democrats in Madison Saturday to thank the demonstrators. As many as 10,000 protesters are expected at the rally Saturday which starts at 3 p.m. at the State street side of the Capitol.


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