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Sen. Mark Miller's statement on bill signing

Sen. Mark Miller (D) Minority Leader Sen. Mark Miller (D) Minority Leader

MADISON (WKOW) -- Democratic Sen. Mark Miller issued a statement Friday on Gov. Scott Walker's signing of the revised budget repair bill:

"Today, Governor Walker signed legislation to strip workers of their rights, threaten programs that provide health insurance for working families, prescription drugs for seniors and women's health services and reward campaign contributors with no bid contracts.

"Through their actions, Governor Walker and the Republicans have shown they are not listening to the people of Wisconsin who want their government to protect their rights and respect their values.

"Republicans may have achieved a short-term policy goal, but their radical agenda, the war on working families, has been exposed and the people of Wisconsin and across the country are united against it as never before.

"Governor Walker's action to take back his layoff threat is yet more proof of his and the legislative Republicans' utter lack of respect for Wisconsin middle class and working families.

"They were wiling to toy with people's livelihoods and use their jobs as political leverage to take away people's rights and bust unions.

"It is a sad day for the working families of Wisconsin, but we stand united in our commitment to take back Wisconsin for the people."

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