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Protesters walk from Milwaukee to State Capitol


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MADISON (WKOW) -- It takes about an hour and a half to drive from downtown Milwaukee to the State Capitol. It takes days - to walk the 90 miles.

We met a group today, who made the trek all the way from Milwaukee to the State Capitol to prove a point.

They call themselves the P.O.W.E.R Walkers, which stands for people organizing Wisconsin for education and worker's rights.

More than 40 people are hitting their last stretch to the Captiol. All of them here from different backgrounds, to show their not giving up the fight.

"We're doing this to protest Scott Walker and republican party's corporate interest before Wisconsin workers rights and we want to show in a dramatic way this is wrong and something we don't agree with," said Chris Fons P.O.W.E.R Walker and organizer.

Walking this long isn't easy.

"I'm pretty tired I'm pretty sore I've found I only take little small steps," said Fons.

"The feet, the knees the hips you know all of it," said Ama Marakis, Retired MPS teacher.

"We're not afraid to get out of our element and be uncomfortable for something," said Troy Lucas, who walked from Milwaukee for his wife who is a teacher.

"In Waukesha Co. in particular, there weren't many sidewalks and it wasn't shoveled and that was the toughest cause it was icy and snowy," said Lucas.

The biggest obstacle they're trying to overturn, is Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill.

"I thought it would be teachers but it was more than that we have more people in jobs not in unions than people who are its teachers its students," said Fons.

"People have opened up their homes people have stopped along the way and giving us cases of water and hot chocolate and food," said Fons.

By the time the group reached the capitol, the group had doubled in size.

"It's great being here it's gorgeous," said Marakis.

Everyone who walked from Milwaukee will get a ride back home.

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