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House approves measure to keep government going


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House has passed a measure blending $6 billion in budget cuts with enough money to keep the government running for an additional three weeks.

The measure buys additional time for talks between Capitol Hill Republicans and the Obama administration on a bill to fund the day-to-day operations of the government through the end of September.

Those negotiations haven't gotten very far yet and House GOP leaders haven't shown much flexibility.

The measure passed despite opposition from some tea party-backed conservatives who said it merely kicks the can down the road instead of imposing steep and immediate spending cuts. The $6 billion cut by the measure includes many items that the Obama administration and Democrats agree can be axed.


WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- The nation is facing fiscal issues, as the government tries to keep running. The House is expected to vote today on another temporary measure to prevent the government from partially shutting down.

The measure would cut $6 billion from the government's budget. The first stopgap spending bill expires Friday at midnight. Democrats and Republicans still haven't worked out a long-term agreement on spending cuts.

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