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UPDATE: Capitol cleanup costs


MADISON (WKOW) -- No word on the exact cost of damage at the Capitol, after weeks of protest.

At first, the Department of Administration estimated it would cost upwards of $7.5 million dollars to restore the Capitol after protests. In a March 4 memorandum, the department revised its estimated cost to $350,000, if a restoration specialist is not required.

That cost is broken down into four areas: $2,500 for photo documentation, $60,000 for condition assessment, $185,000 for landscape restoration, and $100,000 for interior restoration.

An updated estimate or cost is not yet available.

Department of Administration Spokesperson Carla Vigue replied via email to 27 News' inquiries Tuesday, saying, "We are still working with an assessor to determine a cost for the marble clean up. In the coming weeks, we'll be working with a landscape company to assess the Capitol grounds. But again, we don't have any estimate for either of those costs until that assessment is done."

27 News walked through the Capitol Tuesday with a field representative from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Jason Tish. He's the Executive Director of the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation.

Tish said, "If you're looking for damage in the Capitol, or any effects after the tens of thousands of protesters here over the past couple weeks, you're not going to see much."

Walking through the Capitol, Tish said damage was tough to find. He found damage from a sticker on a wall, paint damage on the wall, tape residue, scuff marks on the floor, and also pointed out the lawn outside, that was covered in mud, possibly from protesters over the weekend.

But Tish said evidence of damage was limited, saying, "The protesters took ownership of this building... there's very little damage to the building."

Some believe the $350,000 estimate is too high.

Sean Heiser represents eight custodians who work at the Capitol. Heiser, a South Central Field Representative with Council 24, said, "We just don't see where the cost of the estimates is coming from. There's been more people.. I just don't see where they're coming up with their estimates."

Jeff Mehrhoff, the business representative for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO, District Council 7, said Tuesday his workers had offered to the DOA that they would come in and help clean tape off the walls themselves. Mehrhoff said they had not received any word from the DOA on the offer.

No word on when that condition assessment may be done inside and outside the Capitol. A DOA spokesperson said they're working to bid-out any work to be done for the landscaping.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Original estimates of a Capitol cleanup cost were more than $7 million.

Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch said later estimates projected Capitol cleanup to cost $350,000.

On Tuesday, the Department of Administration told 27 News they are still working with an assessor to determine a cost for the marble cleanup.

The DOA says in the coming weeks, they'll be working with a landscape company to assess the Capitol grounds and won't know an updated estimate until that assessment is done.

27 News Teresa Mackin will have more details on the costs, on www.wkow.com and 27 News at 5, 6 and 6:30 for the latest.

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