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Local woman makes heart healthy changes


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VERONA (WKOW)-- There have been successes and challenges along the way for each of the Go Red Girlfriend Challenge participants. We check in to see how one of the participants, Meg Zopelis, is doing.

Meg Zopelis has a very personal reason to succeed at making heart healthy changes.

"Because my mom died so young from heart disease at the age of 46. Meg is 42.

"Unfortunately, I didn't take so good care of myself as I should have and this is the perfect time to start doing that," said Meg.

Meg has two very good reasons to improve her heart. Her two children. Tess is away at college. Alec is in high school.

"I can turn it around," said Meg. "I am not too old to do that. I'm still very young."

Meg has turned to the American Heart Association's latest cookbook to eat healthier. And, Alec has joined in.

"The fact that she's taking matters into her own hands makes me happy," said Alec.

"I want her to be around for quite some time," said Alec.

I joined them for a healthy dessert option: angel food cake with fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream.

"We're looking at fixing our cholesterol, making sure we have good blood pressure, making sure our heart numbers are good and the rest will fall into place," said Meg.

Meg has also upped her physical activity. Workout studio owner Mona Melms has opened her studio to challenge participants. She is teaching all of us that exercise doesn't have to be just a treadmill or a run outside. We even workout barefoot.

"I always feel so much better after the class is done," said Meg. "It puts a positive spin on the rest of the day."

Back at her house, I asked Meg if she think the Go Red challenge could save her life.

"I think it definitely could," said Meg. "It makes me think when I'm reaching for something bad. It makes me take that extra walk around the Capitol square at work on my break, Every little thing you do makes a positive change."

We will celebrate the positive changes we have all made on Thursday, April 7th at a luncheon.

Click here to learn how you can celebrate with us by attending.

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