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Hopper denies role in state employee's hire


MADISON (WKOW) -- Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) told WKOW27 News he played no role in the recent hire of a state employee.

Sources told WKOW27 News the employee is the same woman Hopper's estranged wife,  Alysia Hopper referred to as Hopper's mistress in a public statement and in a letter to a radio station.

Department of Regulation and Licensing spokesperson David Carlson said the woman was hired in February as a limited term communications specialist.  

Carlson said he had no details on whether the woman was hired to a newly-created position or a vacant, existing slot.   Carlson said he also had no details on the hiring process or the woman's salary.

Alysia Hopper maintained in a letter to Milwaukee radio station WTMJ Hopper started an affair in Madison and no longer lives at the family home, which Hopper stills lists as his official residence.   Alysia Hopper,  a travel executive,  also said Hopper lives primarily in Madison.

"I live in the district I serve,"   Hopper told WKOW27 News.

Hopper's claim of living in a Fond du Lac area apartment was supported by the property's owner.   The owner is also an employee of Hopper's group of radio stations.

Hopper is one of sixteen state senators subject to recall in the fall out over Governor Walker's budget repair bill.   Hopper said he's been subjected to threats over supporting Walker's plan.

In a telephone interview with WKOW27 News,  Hopper initially refused to respond to whether he had written a letter of reference or recommendation,   or intervened during the woman's hiring process.

"I want to keep my involvement of anything as a private matter.   So, I'm going to maintain that."

But Hopper later called a WKOW27 News reporter and said he had no involvement in the woman's hiring.

A spokesperson for the Madison-based political consulting firm Persuasion Partners Inc. told WKOW27 News the woman, 26,  worked as a coordinator of voter direct mail for six months,  leaving the firm in January.     A company biography stated the woman previously worked as an aide to former republican state senator Ted Kanavas.

The woman has yet to return phone calls from WKOW27 News seeking comment.   Alysia Hopper was unavailable at all listed telephone numbers.

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