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Recall efforts continue for Rep. and Dem. state senators


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MADISON (WKOW) -- Senator Hopper's Campaign manager Jeff Harvey sent us this statement Tuesday regarding the recall efforts:

"The recall efforts are spearheaded by union bosses who want to handpick new senators who will vote the way the union bosses tell them to.  They're attempting to undermine the voters who want to bring fiscal responsibility to Madison. 

Randy Hopper will be successful because taxpayers spoke loud and clear that they want state government to live within its means and balance the budget without raising taxes. Randy is fighting for the taxpayers of his district, and they understand how critical government reform is to cutting spending and creating new jobs."


MADISON (WKOW) -- Activists passionate about Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill are intensifying recall efforts.

Our cameras began Sunday morning, following one group, right before their trip north to Fond Du Lac to spend the day ramping up efforts to recall Republican State Senator Randy Hopper.

But the efforts go on both sides of the isle.

Peter Rickman and members of the Teacher's Assistants Association headed to Fond Du Lac Sunday - to keep the momentum to recall Republican Senator Randy Hopper going.

"He's just emblematic of all that's wrong with Wisconsin politics these days, to get our economy an trying to take rights from working people," said Peter Rickman, leader of TAA.

He knows it will take a lot of work.

"You need 25% of voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election to sign a recall petition," said Rickman.

The senators must be in office at least a year for an election to take place. Organizers have 60 days to collect the petitions, for there to be a recall election.

"It's between 11,000 and 20,000 signatures needed most are in the 13,000 signature range," said Rickman.

The Executive Director of Defending Wisconsin says they're starting a new effort to recall Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

"You need approximately 500,000 signatures," said Jeremy Ryan, Exec. Director of Defending Wisconsin.

Not only are recall efforts underway for 8 republican senators, efforts are also underway for some of the 14 democratic state senators, including Senator Mark Miller.

"Senator Miller was kind of the face of the escape to Illinois so he's getting some attention," said Brian Schimming, Wisconsin Republican Party Vice Chairman.

There are many others who feel the same, including Dan Hunt of Pleasant Prairie, who in the past three weeks has collected about 10,000 petitions to recall Democratic State Senator Robert Wirch.

"Senator Wirch left his post in Madison, I felt that was absolutely wrong," said Dan Hunt of Pleasant Prairie.

"We need 13,537 for the recall to be successful so we need a few more than that to withstand the challenges," said Hunt.

Both sides still have about a month to collect the signatures.

In modern history, only two senators have ever been recalled in Wisconsin.

We also made calls out to Senators Randy Hopper and Robert Wirch. Neither returned our calls before Sunday night's broadcast for comment.


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