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Madison man in Japan when earthquake struck


By Julia Fello - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison man is sharing his account of what it felt like during the massive earthquake.

As Chris recounts his first trip ever taken out of the country, he will never forget living through the earthquake in Tokyo, Japan.

"I'm still shaken by it," said Chris Gellings.

Chris was on a business trip for his personal training operating company, touring companies as the quake struck.

"You start to hear glass breaking from buildings you cant really go anywhere you cant go outside cause a piece of building might chunk off and fall," said Gellings.

Luckily he was about 232 miles from the epicenter so the city didn't feel the brunt of the 9.0 earthquake.

With no bus or taxi service available, the country was in chaos. He remembers watching tsunami's sweeping homes away on T.V.

"How far inland am I? I don't know the geography of Tokyo and you just wait for what's happening next, and that's terrifying," said Gellings.

"We had to somehow get to the airport so we can get our flight out of there," said Gellings.

After waiting 36 hours, Chris was able to get a flight out to China. He touched down at O'Hare airport Thursday.

Through it all - Chris says this is one of the luckiest things to ever happen to him.

"It really helps put things in perspective, you start to realize life is fragile," said Gellings.

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