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Grant Co. businesses prepare for spring floods


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MADISON (WKOW) -- More snow to the north means possible flooding to the south. Heavy rain and previous snow melt has forced The National Weather Service to issue flood warnings all along the Mississippi River.

Over the next several weeks all eyes will be on the rising Mississippi River. In Grant County, the Emergency Management Director says they'll likely start sandbagging this weekend.

But, some businesses along the river aren't taking any chances. River of the Lakes Resort is right on the banks of the Mississippi in the Village of Bagley. They play host to hundreds of campers throughout the summer. But, with water levels in the river rising daily resort owners are preparing for the worst.

River of the Lakes co-owner Deb Jeidy says,"25 feet would put it at the windows of our store."

Bagley resident Alan Orr says, "Some places have been saying 27 feet. If that happens, the Village of Bagley will have to have stuff done because it will be in the Village."

Right now the Mississippi river is at about 12 or 13 feet. By the weekend they predict water will be as high as this playground, but the real concern is if the river crests, which could still be a few weeks away, then the store could be underwater.

For the past two days, the Jeidy's have hired a local company to place more than 60 cement blocks around their main convenience store.

Deb Jeidy says, "We decided to go with the barriers because it takes a lot of man power to sandbag and this is a little community to haul in the sand."

Orr says, "They don't know right now what the flood stage is going to be. They keep changing it, so we're just trying to get set up because 23 feet will put it in this store so we're trying to protect it."

With flood predictions up in the air, the community of Bagley is forced to wait and watch.

River of the Lakes Resort typically opens its campgrounds by mid April, but Jeidy fears the snow to the north and the rising river could put a damper on their summer business and nearby summer cabins.

Jeidy says, "It will slow us down, but it will be quite detrimental to all the people who have summer homes here too."

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