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Biddy Martin: No tuition hike for UW-Madison if they leave UW System


MADISON (WKOW) -- The University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor said she will not recommend a tuition increase of 8.5% next year if the state allows the school more autonomy and financial flexibility.

Biddy Martin said the in-state rate increase would match what Madison students absorbed in the past year. She also said grants would cover students from lower-income families.

Martin has reported that tuition could be raised even higher if UW-Madison is not allowed to spin off from the rest of the UW system.

Chancellors from the 12 other four-year UW campuses do not agree with the section of Scott Walker's 2011-2013 budget proposal that would remove UW-Madison from the UW System umbrella. They believe their schools should be allowed comparable flexibilities and don't want UW-Madison separated.

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