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OED adds new technologically-inspired expressions


LONDON (WKOW) -- The Oxford English dictionary added dozens of entries in its latest online update Thursday.

The exclamatory abbreviation "OMG" is one entry in the update of the authoritative reference book. The shortened version for "Oh my God" is often used in online vernacular.

Other Internet-inspired expressions that made the cut into the OED include LOL, "laughing out loud"; IMHO, "in my humble opinion"; and BFF, "best friends forever."

Although many of the terms are associated with new technology, the dictionary says some have been in use for decades. The first recorded use of "OMG" dates back to 1917.

The new update includes "flat white," defined as a type of milky coffee and "muffin top," a term that refers to "a protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers."

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