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Barca: LRB publication will not put law into effect

Rep. Peter Barca (D) Minority Leader Rep. Peter Barca (D) Minority Leader

MADISON (WKOW) -- Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca issued the following statement on the Legislative Reference Bureau's publication of the budget repair bill:

"In conversations this evening with Legislative Council attorneys, I was informed that it is their opinion, as well as the opinion of the Legislative Reference Bureau director, that Act 10 will not take effect based on the actions taken by the Legislative Reference Bureau late this afternoon.

"This bill has been under a cloud of suspicion since day one. Today's actions and statements are only perpetuating the problem. The people of Wisconsin expected that because of the court injunction, Act 10 will not be able to take effect.

"Official publication by the Secretary of State is required for this act to go into effect. The Secretary of State, the only Constitutional officer with the power to publish law, is prohibited by court order from publishing this Act.

"I can only hope that the confusion resulting from today's actions and comments does not harm the many communities and people who will be impacted if this does becomes law.  The statements by the administration and legislative leaders only add to the confusion.  We can only hope that their misstatements were not intentional or malicious."

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