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Rep. Baldwin opposes Obama's policy in Libya


WASHINGTON (WKOW)--Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-2nd District) is opposing President Barack Obama's decision to deploy U.S. military personnel and equipment in Libya.

She released the following statement Monday night, after President Obama's national address on the issue:

"I oppose the current engagement of U.S. military forces in Libya. Our nation cannot afford a third war and Congress has not authorized it. 

For a decade now, the U.S. has been fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have spent nearly a trillion dollars of borrowed money and lost nearly 6,000 American lives.  Thousands more servicemen and women have suffered serious, life-altering injuries. 

Even as they support these wars with no clearly defined mission or exit strategy, House Republicans are seeking deep cuts in job creation efforts, veterans' services, health care, education, and transportation.  These are misguided priorities. 

The Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war.  Defense Secretary Gates has publicly stated that Libya is not a vital interest of the United States.  Congress must debate and act on this new military engagement in Libya. 

Our troops must be brought home safely and soon from Afghanistan and Iraq; and Congress must return its focus to creating jobs, educating our children, and ensuring access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans."


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