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Gov. Walker releases rest of plan to balance state's budget


MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker released the rest of his plan today he says will balance the state's $137 million budget shortfall.

"This legislation will allow the state to finish this year's budget in the black without raising taxes on the middle-class," said Governor Scott Walker. "The balanced budget legislation also allows us to put an additional $176.5 million into healthcare for the poor."

Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca said, "This is the budget adjustment bill the Legislature should have been considering all along," Barca said. "It addresses shortfalls in important programs without pushing an extreme policy agenda. In fact, it is strikingly similar to the amendment Assembly Democrats proposed during the floor debate – dealing with the state's fiscal matters without controversial provisions on workers' rights and other policy changes that brought hundreds of thousands of citizens to the Capitol."

Parts of the plan, including a $165 million savings through debt refinancing, were removed from Gov. Walker's budget repair bill before it passed earlier this month. That bill ends most collective bargaining for a majority of state workers. And the future of it is still unknown. Gov. Walker's administration isn't saying whether it will continue with enacting a collective bargaining law after a judge reiterated all activity should stop.

Click here to read Gov. Walker's balanced budget bill.

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