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Capitol security still an issue


MADISON (WKOW) -- Public access to the Capitol has been an ever-evolving issue from the early days of budget-related protests.

At times, protestors were sleeping over night.

Then, access was severely limited, with only one person allowed in for every one that left the building.

Now, the public finds some entrances still closed and metal detectors at entrances that are still open.

Rep. Brett Hulsey said Monday even more security at the Capitol is possible as legislators return for another session beginning Tuesday.

"I would expect with the session back [Tuesday] we'll see more security here," said Rep. Hulsey. "But as a rule as a lawmaker, I try not to do things that require police protection."

Earlier last month, a judge ruled that access to the Capitol must be restored to what it was on January 28, or before any protests occurred.

At that time, all entrances were open and there were no metal detectors.

But many people at the building today said that while the extra security is a hassle, it's a fair price to pay.

"I don't like it," said Bruce Noble, a retiree from Madison. "I also realize there is evil in the world and we do have to take certain precautions."

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