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Gov. Walker signs bill to mend state's budget shortfall


MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker's second version of the budget repair bill is now law.

In a ceremonial signing at the capitol, Governor Walker signed the legislation that was passed by both the senate and the assembly yesterday.

Gov. Walker says this budget bill will help plug the states $137 million budget deficit and make sure they finish the year with a balanced budget.

Walker says, "It's something we set out to do about a month and a half ago and we're finally seeing the complete package come through because for us it was a series of things we needed to do to get through the state government to make sure we finished fiscal year 2011 without going into the deficit."

The bill was broken into two parts when senate Republicans took out the money part of the budget repair bill to pass the collective bargaining measure while Democrats were in Illinois. The collective bargaining law remains held up in courts.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Walker has signed the Balanced Budget Legislation that was passed Tuesday by the Legislature. 

The governor's spokesman says he'll have a bill signing ceremony this afternoon. (Watch it live on

After the Senate voted on the Governor's budget repair bill 22-11 it went directly to the Assembly. They passed it 58-36.

Republicans say this bill will plug the states $137 million budget deficit for this fiscal year. Democrats got heated at times arguing this is the bill they wanted back in February, one with fiscal elements and no collective bargaining.

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