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Governor Walker's first 100 days


MADISON (WKOW)-- Governor Scott Walker gives his first 100 days in office a B+.

The governor says he is most proud of his jobs initiatives and, thanks to quick action by the legislature, balancing the budget.

"I asked them to act on it within the first 30-45 days and they beat that time," said Governor Walker. "We got it done with bi-partisan votes and I think that has sent a resounding signal to employers here as well as others that Wisconsin is open for business and that isn't just a slogan, that's actually a change of how we've done business here."

The Governor says his biggest mistake is he wishes he would have helped the senate move the collective bargaining bill through faster after the democrats fled the state.

"Even now a couple weeks after you start to see the tensions go down," said Governor Scott Walker. "There are certainly some people who impassioned by this still today. I think more and more people realize the world didn't come to an end and it's going to balance the budget and it's going to make Wisconsin better."

The state democratic party says Walker's first 100 days have been a disgrace and he's torn Wisconsin apart.

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