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Braveheart out of hospital, in foster home


MADISON (WKOW) -- The abused dog who won everyone's heart is out of the hospital.

Braveheart was left for dead in a dumpster in Kentucky just a few weeks ago.

Now, he has more than 10,000 fans on Facebook rooting him on to recovery.         

He took one big step closer to that recovery on Monday.

A healthier Braveheart reunited with his rescuers and his new foster family.

He's leaving the UW Small Animal Hospital after nearly three weeks.

Braveheart has put on some weight since he first came in, but it is still hard to tell.

There is one change that stands out though.

"His personality is really becoming more evident," said Daniel Foy, UW-Madison Veterinarian. "He's more interested in his surroundings."

Braveheart had worms, a skin disease and would not even eat when he first got to the hospital.

"He lost 4 or 5 pounds while he was here, and he didn't have anything to lose to begin with," said Marti Houge.

Braveheart came all the way from Kentucky because no one could afford to treat him--until Marti and Jim Houge stepped in.

"That is what we have a soft spot in our hearts for, and I like to help the ones nobody else is helping," Marti said. "It just gives us an extra good feeling."

That is an extra good feeling they are now sharing with people across the country.

The UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine has gotten about $18,000 from more than 400 donors. They say any money left over will go toward a relief fund for other "brave hearts." 

Braveheart's foster parent, Joanne Law, says she will care for him until he fully recovers.

"It might be a long road to recovery, but we just don't know," Law said.

Braveheart's vet says it could take at least three months.

In the meantime, the Houges will keep doing what they do best.

"It has really given us encouragement to go on and help another dog and another one and another one," Marti said. "We're doing the right thing here."

The Houges say they have gotten lots of requests to adopt Braveheart, but he is not quite ready yet.

They say they will not really know about his personality until he recovers.

Then, they will know what kind of home would best suit him.

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