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Flower Garden Design Basics

Creating a beautiful garden can be overwhelming but understanding a few key concepts can make it much easier.

Color is one of these. Warm colors of orange, red and yellow grab your attention creating a focal point in the garden and making large areas appear smaller. 

Cool colors of blue, green and violet are peaceful and make an area seem cooler and larger. 

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the artist's color wheel and as the name implies they go well together. 

Color echoing is a great way to provide unity and a sense of continuity in a garden or landscape. The blue of the dwarf spruce is echoed by the blue of the Walker's Low catmint, tall nepeta and clustered bellflower in this garden bed.

Use fine textured plants to create the illusion of depth in a small garden.  Include bold textured plants to create a focal point. = And combine the two to maximize their form and beauty.

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