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Eco-friendly Lawn Care

You can have a lawn and still be kind to the environment.

Start by setting your mower high. Tall grass is more drought tolerant and better able to resist pests and compete with weeds. And consider converting to a hand propelled push mower.  Better for the environment and your waistline.

Leave the clippings on the lawn. Short clippings do not cause thatch but add moisture, organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Use organic slow release fertilizer to feed the lawn. Apply most of your fertilizer in fall for best results. And even one fertilization a year can greatly reduce weed problems.

Remove weeds by hand and check out some of the new tools to make the job easier. Or use eco-friendly corn gluten meal in spring and fall. This product prevents seeds, including grass and weeds from sprouting.

Be sure to sweep all clippings and chemicals off walks and drives.

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