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Improve Plant Posture with Simple Supports

Tired of trying to grow grass in the shade? 

Keep tall and floppy plants looking their best with a little support.

This garden has several plants growing in cages and supports.  Proper placement and camouflaging by neighboring plants keeps the garden looking good and plants upright.

Natural twigs can be woven through stems to provide nearly invisible support.

Grow through systems brace individual stems allowing a bit more movement and natural appearance.  Make your own with plastic netting.  Cut the netting to size and place over the plant as it emerges in spring.  The support lifts off the ground as the plant grows allowing the stems to move in tandem while supporting each other.

And try this spiral support when staking is an afterthought.  The metal spiral pulls individual stems together keeping them upright.

This decorative obelisk provides an attractive support for a patio tomato.   It makes a good looking flavorful addition to any garden.

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