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Growing a Butterfly-friendly Garden

Add color and motion to any size landscape by inviting butterflies into your yard.

Nectar rich flowers like this fragrant nicotiana & the spiky blue flowers of the sun loving salvia attract butterflies. You'll enjoy watching them sip nectar from each flower.

Be sure to include some food for the caterpillars. Parsley, dill and fennel are favorites of swallowtails, painted ladies love the licorice vine. Put away the pesticides as they can harm the very insects you are trying to attract.

Even a planter on the deck or balcony can bring in these beauties. Include some lantana, pentas and petunias. 

Provide a flat stone for the butterflies to rest and soak in the warmth. It's also a great place for you to snap a few photos.

Add water, this inverted wine bottle captures rain for the butterflies.

And don't forget a comfortable chair where you can sit and watch all the activity.

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