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Bring in the Birds

Add a little food, shelter and water for the birds and wait for the year round entertainment to begin.

I like to use my landscape as a self-filling bird feeder. Include nectar plants to attract hummingbirds. This shade loving fuchsia attracts both humming birds and butterflies. The penstemons are great for hot dry areas and hosta flowers provide nectar for the hummingbirds and seeds for the juncos in shade gardens. 

Use zinnia, cleome, coneflower & more to attract the seed eaters. And many of the winged visitors eat insects reducing pest problems in the garden.

Include a few evergreens, trees and shrubs for natural shelter. Those with small yards may want to team up with their neighbors to create an inviting environment with all the necessary ingredients. 

Place an attractive birdbath, pond or fountain in your garden for added beauty and a source of water.

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