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Ornamental Grasses for Any Size Landscape

Add motion, sound and texture to your landscape with strategically placed ornamental grasses.

Large masses of ornamental grasses can create big impact in large landscapes.  Combine with masses of perennials and you have the New American Garden.  

Single plants can be used in large or small landscapes to provide a vertical accent or focal point.  This zebra grass (Miscanthus) draws attention to the bench inviting visitors to stop and sit for awhile.

Some grasses like the Molina are see-through.  They create a sense of space while allowing you to see the garden or other landscape feature beyond.

And include them in mixed borders for a change of texture, seasonal interest, motion and food for birds and butterflies.

For shady areas try the grass-like sedges or Hakone grass. Their fine texture plays nicely off the bold leaves of hosta and combines well with other shade plants such as ferns, astilbe, and ginger.

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