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Late Season Beauty

Mums and asters are favorite fall flowers but there are many more fall beauties to choose from.

Autumn Joy is probably one of the best known sedums but lots of cultivars reach their peak in fall. 

Consider Angelina sedum. Its chartreuse foliage looks good all season and often turns amber in fall and winter. 

Willow amsonia has blue flowers in spring, nice foliage all season finishing off the year with a yellow glow.

Goldenrod, one of our native plants, has lots of attractive cultivars, like Fireworks. It's good in the garden or as a cut flower.

False aster, boltonia, is a graceful addition to the fall garden with it fine texture and open growth habit.

For shady damp sites consider turtlehead. A close look at the flowers reveals the source of its common name.

Another shade tolerant fall bloomer is Brunette bugbane. The white fragrant flowers dance above the colorful foliage.

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