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Pop Culture: The Royal Wedding for Americans

MADISON (WKOW) -- The whole world is talking about the royal nuptials but the wedding fever may be more centered stateside than it is across the pond. Elishah Oesch talked to both the Americans and the British about why.

Melissa Davis couldn't be more excited about the Royal Wedding. She, like two billion other people, will watch as Kate becomes Princess Catherine.

She says, "I'm totally getting up and watching."  

Many Americans have Royal Wedding fever, but not everyone feels the same. Case in point-- the British. Jesse Bathe, the Lab Coordinator for Madison College says, "I think Americans are more interested in what's going on than the British. The British people take it in their stride." 

Jesse is from Great Britain. She says, in recent years, the British have lost interest in the royals, while American interest has only increased. The question is why? Jesse has a theory.  She thinks it's all about " The whole princess thing, getting married to a prince.  It's like a fairy tale." 

Jesse's theory might not be that far off. Pop culture expert, Dr. Jonathon Pollack agrees, it's at least one reason. 

He says, "You have someone like Kate Middleton, who falls in love with a prince. He's third from the throne. It's a version of the American dream." 

Another reason Americans might be interested in the Royal Wedding is for the history of it, but mostly it's the economy.  

Dr. Jonathan Pollack says, "I think that gives people a sense of urgency about it a more urgent dream, than would be the case if people were better off." 

But whatever the reason, everyone agrees: most Americans will watch the wedding. 

Jesse says, "Probably have to watch it because they'll be nothing else on the T.V." Melissa says, "I hope it works out for them. I hope they get their happily ever after."

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