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Prosser vague on visiting Governor's office, denies one-on-one meeting


MADISON (WKOW) -- In an interview with WKOW27 News,  state supreme court justice David Prosser denied meeting with Governor Walker the day after voters decided between Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg in a hotly-contested race,  but said it was possible he was at the governor's office.

"It is conceivable that during that week,  I stopped down to the governor's office,"   Prosser told WKOW27 News.

Prosser told WKOW27 News any visit would have been to request gubernatorial mementoes for visiting international students.

Unofficial vote totals on the day after the election showed Kloppenburg leading Prosser by 204 votes.   Waukesha County clerk Kathy Nickolaus,  who was formerly a subordinate to Prosser when Prosser was republican assembly speaker,  announced later she failed to include more than 14,000 votes to the unofficial tally.   The inclusion of the votes swung the race in Prosser's favor.   Prosser's margin is 7,316 votes.   A recount began Wednesday at Kloppenburg's request.

In a sworn complaint to the government accountability board seeking a special investigation into Nickolaus' handling of the vote,  Kloppenburg campaign manager Melissa Mulliken alleged "...Justice Prosser was observed entering the Governor's Office late in the evening and attending a private,  on (sic) -on-one meeting with Governor Scott Walker"  on the night after the April 5 election.   Mulliken also quotes Walker from that day suggesting votes may turn up "out of the blue."

"I certainly never went beyond the reception person,"   Prosser told WKOW27 News about his possible presence in the governor's office.

"I never met with the governor personally in his office."

"I have information from folks who told me that it happened,"   Mulliken told WKOW27 News.

Mulliken refused to divulge the sources of her information,  and deflected a question about whether the sources are prepared to cooperate with any investigator.

Gubernatorial spokesperson Chris Schrimpf denied the existence of any meeting between Walker and Prosser on the day after the election.

During the campaign,  a third party group ran advertising claiming close ties between Prosser and Walker.

Walker's controversial limits on public employee collective bargaining are possibly headed for review by the state supreme court.   Prosser has said he would evaluate the legal cases involving the collective bargaining bill on their merits.

Prosser told WKOW27 News the closest time to the April 5 election when he spoke even casually with Walker was April 1,  when both Walker and Prosser attended a republican party event in Waukesha County.  

Prosser said his driver recalls taking Prosser to his Madison condominium,  not the state capitol,  on the day after the election.   Prosser said they traveled from Delafield.

"And (I) spent almost the whole day in Delafield,  while we're trying to figure out what the hell is happening here,  are we going to have a recount?"

Prosser said the claimed post-election meeting between himself and Walker would have been more concerning,  if the claim had been made by his challenger.

"If this were a statement from JoAnne Kloppenburg,  personally, she had ever said that personally,  I would seriously consider filing a complaint with the judicial commission."

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board spokesperson Reid Magney declined comment on Kloppenburg's request for a special,  outside investigation.  Board officials are investigating Nickolaus' practices.  

"A special investigator ought to be appointed and ought to look into these matters,"   Mulliken said.

WKOW27 news has requested an opportunity to inspect the official,  appointment calendars maintained for both Walker and Prosser.

"There certainly would be nothing on an official record showing what almost had to have been a spontaneous meeting with the governor,  if there had been such a meeting with the governor,"   Prosser said.

"There was no such meeting."

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