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MMSD releases data on teacher absences


MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison Metropolitan School District says about two-thirds of its teachers didn't show up for work during the Capitol protests over the budget repair bill.

Madison teachers were among tens of thousands demonstrating at the Capitol to keep collective bargaining rights.

The district says 1,769 Madison teachers won't be paid for at least one day in February when they didn't go to work. That makes up 66.6 percent of teachers in the district.

Some parents were not happy when the absences forced the district to close schools on February 16, 17, 18 and 21.

"As a working parent, I had to figure out what to do with my kids. I ended up bringing them to work with me, which isn't really conducive to working," said Laura Stuiber, the mother of three Madison students.

Others thought teachers shouldn't get penalized at all.

"I feel like what they did was in service of the children and their educational future," Jennifer Wang said.

Knowing they would not get paid without a medical excuse, some teachers got notes from doctors at the protests.

The district says 84 teachers turned in fake doctor's notes.

Most rescinded their submissions, but 38 who didn't were suspended.

The district says the missed days in February count as time served for that suspension, so teachers won't miss out on more class time but it will go on their record.

Madison Superintendent Dan Nerad said, "We realize the challenges our students' families experienced as a result of these school closings, so we appreciate that we have returned since then to normal school schedules and that students returned to advancing their learning through the work of our excellent staff members."

University of Wisconsin leaders say they are still deciding how to punish doctors who gave out sick notes during the protests.

They say doctors could get written reprimands, docked pay or lose their positions.

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