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Teacher brings real world experience to bin Laden discussion

BEAVER DAM (WKOW) -- As Beaver Dam history teacher Pete Woreck fielded student questions about Osama bin Laden's death Monday,  he drew not only on his academic background,  but on a recent military stint as well.

Woreck is a captain with an Army reserve unit and spent nearly a year's deployment in Afghanistan,  returning to the classroom in January 2010.

Woreck told WKOW27 News his unit's responsibility was to make sure combat troops were supplied with ammunition,  and other ordnance support.

Woreck said his confidence in the military's ability to bring bin Laden to justice never wavered.

He said that goal seemed to be top-of-mind among soldiers during his deployment in Afghanistan.

Woreck said students asked detailed questions about the purpose of the Navy Seal operation,  the geography of the region and the implications of bin Laden's death.

Woreck said the subjects of one his class units this term are the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.   He said it is important to explain the lengthy history predicating U.S. involvement in the regions,  especially for freshman students who are too young to have any meaningful recollection of the 9/11 attacks.

Woreck said most of his students were curious,  as opposed to celebratory in reaction to the news bin Laden had been killed.

Three of Woreck's former Beaver Dam High students were killed during deployments since 9/11:  Kirk Straseskie,  Ryan Cantafio and Jacob Gassen.

Beaver Dam history department chairperson Joe Loizzo also included the bin Laden development in his class sessions Monday.

Loizzo said part of his presentation involved reliance on a past quote from General Norman Schwartzkof.   Schwartzkof had been asked whether there should be forgiveness for those who contributed to the 9/11 attacks.   "I believe that forgiving them is God's function.   Our job is simply to arrange the meeting."



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