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Madison firefighters remember their service on 9/11


MADISON (WKOW) -- The death of Osama bin Laden means many different things for different people.

But to two Madison firefighters who responded to the New York Fire Department's call for assistance in the aftermath of 9/11, it means revisiting painful memories. 

"When you lose 343 of your brothers it's something you put in your back pocket and move on," said Lt. Michael Dibble. 

Lt. Dibble says that of the 343 firefighters killed as a result of 9/11, he and his group found 11 of them the first day he arrived in New York. 

Matt Schwister, a firefighter for 15 years with the MFD, accompanied Dibble and three other firefighters to New York City.

He says it still brings tears to his eyes thinking about his fellow firefighters, dead in the rubble.  But now, bin Laden's death has brought him some degree of closure.

"It gets to a point where you wonder if this is ever going to happen," said Schwister, an apparatus engineer.  "But it happened."

Both firefighters recalled seeing firefighters and civilians alike searching for lost loved ones and co-workers.  But Lt. Dibble says that's just one of the two memories from his time serving in New York after 9/11 that he'll never forget.

"I remember the people writing on the windows with the dust from the collapsed buildings....writing we're not going to rest until we get Osama bin Laden,"  said Lt. Dibble.  

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