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Democrats: Widespread election fraud in GOP-led recall efforts


MADISON (WKOW) -- The state Democratic Party says it has found enough evidence of election misconduct to disqualify all three petitions targeting Democratic senators.

Minority Leader Mark Miller says the Democrats have found thousands of examples of fraud, forgeries, and deceit by an out-of-state company hired by the Republican party to collect signatures.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin counsel Jeremy Levinson says his party has nearly 200 sworn statements from people who say they were tricked by circulators from Kennedy Enterprises.

In some of the affidavits, people said circulators told them the petitions were to recall Governor Walker; others said circulator Sherri Ferrell gathered signatures on Indian reservations claiming petitions were to support schools, Democrats, and tribal rights.

Democrats say Ferrell gathered nearly 3,000 signatures.

"This operation is disgraceful, unethical and when the facts are known, it failed to gather the signatures needed to trigger a recall," said Miller.

Miller says all signatures collected by circulators using deceitful tactics should be disqualified by the Government Accountability Board.

"The Democrats love to make these allegations and 99% of the time they're false, so until there's hard evidence on any of this it's not really worth talking about," said Jeff Waksman of the Republican Party of Dane County.

Democratic party officials showed reporters one example Thursday. A circulator had said his address was in New York on one form, and in Texas on a different form.

Republicans have already filed challenges against five of six petitions targeting members of their party, according to the GAB.

All of this comes at a time when senators targeted by recall are raising unprecedented amounts of money, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

That's because caps on campaign contributions are taken off in the time between a recall is filed, and when it is officially authorized by the GAB.

The GAB will announce its findings on recall efforts in late May.

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