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Proposal aimed to overturn ban on concealed carry


MADISON (WKOW) -- Dane County officials and advocates for victims of domestic abuse called on lawmakers Monday to modify legislation aiming to overturn the ban on concealed carry of guns.

Wisconsin, Illinois, and the District of Columbia are the only places to prohibit concealed carry by citizens other than law enforcement.

County Executive Joe Parisi and Sheriff Dave Mahoney say public safety measures should be added to legislation that will be opened to public hearing this week.

There are two bills circulating in the legislature, one that would require people to get a license to carry concealed, and one that wouldn't.

Dane County officials say the legislation should have stricter limits on where concealed carry is allowed. Parisi says currently, the bills would allow people to carry a concealed firearm at the Henry Vilas Zoo, Badger football games, and during Bratfest, among others.

"Think about the Mifflin St. Block party and what we saw there. Think about some of the Halloweens on State Street that we've experienced," said Parisi.

Sheriff Mahoney says the bills should be modified so the records are linked to Department of Transportation databases. That way law enforcement could check to see if someone is permitted to carry a concealed weapon during a traffic stop.

He also thinks applicants should be required to receive training. Some gun rights advocates agree.

"It's just ludicrous to think that we can just give somebody a firearm and send them on their way. There needs to be some kind of training to it," said Scott Whiting, owner of Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center.

Auric Gold of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has a different view.

"It's a constitutional right. I can't think of any other constitutional right that we have that requires permit or particular training."

Concealed carry laws have gotten close to becoming law in recent years. In 2005, a concealed carry bill passed both houses but was vetoed by Governor Jim Doyle.

The legislature was two votes shy of overriding that veto.

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