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Alleged drunk driver plows into Waunakee house


WAUNAKEE (WKOW) -- Members of a Waunakee family came face-to-face with the carnage of what authorities said was drunk driving,  without leaving their home.

Last week,  a truck plowed into the closed garage of the Loomans home on Charleston Circle.

Jeff Loomans said the truck smashed into cars parked in the garage and nearly drove them into the family's living area.

Loomans said a short time before the crash,  his three young children and neighbors were playing right outside the garage.

"The fact that there was such damage,  we were just so lucky nobody got injured."

Authorities said the truck was driven by alleged first time drunk driver Douglas Kuiper,  34,  of Waunakee.

Kuiper has a pending misdemeanor case and had been under court order to maintain absolute sobriety.

"They need to go after and pass some sort of legislation where these people can't start their vehicles if they don't respond to the breathalyzer test,"   Loomans told WKOW27 News.

While Kuiper had an absolute sobriety requirement,  there was no court order to install an ignition interlock device on his truck.   His pending case involves allegedly resisting a police officer.

Kuiper faces a May 24 municipal court appearance for the civil offense of first offense drunk driving.    First offense operating while intoxicated in Wisconsin is only a criminal offense when a child under sixteen is a passenger.

Two republican lawmakers have proposed criminalizing first offense drunken driving when the driver's blood alcohol level is significantly above the legal limit of .08.  

Waunakee police officials have yet to release Kuiper's blood alcohol level.


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