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Gov. Walker tours tornado damage in La Crosse


LA CROSSE (WKOW) -- Part of the big storm system that swept through the Midwest Sunday night hit here in Wisconsin. The National Weather Service confirmed four tornadoes touched down and there could be as many as nine.

La Crosse was the hardest hit.

The National Weather Service says a tornado as strong as an EF-2 tore through more than two miles of the city. It knocked over trees and power lines, and ripped the roofs from many homes.

At least 200 homes and businesses were damaged, but luckily no one was hurt.

"We came out and it looked like the world was coming to an end," said tornado survivor Beverly Lawrence.

"I tell you, I'm surprised I didn't get killed. It's a miracle. It really is," said Lawrence's husband, Henry. 

The National Weather Service says it was the first tornado to hit La Crosse since the 1960s.

Governor Scott Walker saw the damage firsthand Monday.

The governor met with local business and homeowners to see how they're coping with the damage.

Walker promised they'll get support from the state.

"That's our number one priority, making sure that people are safe and giving whatever support the state can to local government here in La Crosse, to make sure they continue that and the next step is do what people are already doing. Less than 24 hours people are already doing the clean-up and the fix-up," said Walker.

The governor said he's impressed by how quickly neighbors and volunteers have come together in the recovery process.

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