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Concealed carry heads to Senate

MADISON (WKOW) -- A bill allowing you to carry a concealed weapon without training or a permit has passed through a Senate committee. As this gun legislation moves forward, many questions still remain and the debate over where and what events you can legally carry guns continues.

If this bill passes as is, you would be able to carry a gun on the grounds of the Henry Vilas Zoo. It would be up to Dane County Executive Joe Parisi to decide what buildings to ban guns. He would be allowed to ban concealed weapons from inside buildings at the Henry Vilas Zoo by posting a blaze orange sign, but he could not ban concealed weapons on the grounds. The same is true for the UW Campus, outside the airport, and county parks.

The distinction is that business owners and city and county leaders can ban guns from being concealed inside buildings, but the bill doesn't address outside, so what about football games Camp Randall?

Anne Sappenfield, an attorney with Legislative Council said during the meeting, "I assume Camp Randall is a building, but it's not specified in the bill." If Camp Randall is in fact considered a business, it would be up to UW leaders to decide whether or not they will ban concealed guns during games."

These questions and more came up during the Senate judiciary committee's executive session on concealed carry. Republicans have pushed for the legislation to give people a chance to defend themselves from criminals.

Sen. Neal Kedzie, R-Elkhorn, says, "Lets remember this bill is about personal protection, it's about their right to protect themselves."

Democrats Jon Erpenbach and Fred Risser brought up other concerns. Primarily that the bill requires no training. They offered an amendment that would require 10 hours of training, but Republicans voted it down and passed the bill through committee 3-2.

For parisi, a number of concerns still exist. He wants police to have a record of who owns a gun so they will know who has a gun in traffic stops.

County Executive Parisi says, "It not only puts law enforcement in danger, right now we believe it puts citizens and especially our children in danger when were looking at something like carrying weapons into the zoo."

Democrats also brought up an amendment asking that the bill include banning guns from churches, bars, sporting events and other public places. They also asked that people not be allowed to carry guns while drinking or under the influence of drugs. That was also rejected by Republicans. The bill now heads to the full senate for a vote.

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