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Search continues for 6-year-old boy last seen in Wis. Dells


AURORA (WKOW) -- Aurora police are hoping evidence from the SUV driven by 6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen's mother will help pinpoint the boy's whereabouts.

Timmothy was last seen with his mother at a Wisconsin Dells resort on May 13.

Amy Fry-Pitzen's 2004 Ford Expedition was discovered on May 14, in the parking lot of a Rockford motel where she committed suicide sometime after 11:15 p.m. on May 13. Aurora police say at the time it was discovered, it was visibly dirty and upon processing the vehicle, growth that was similar to tall grass or weeds were discovered underneath. Evidence technicians from the Rockford Police Department were assisted by Aurora police when the SUV was originally processed shortly after it was discovered. The vehicle was then towed back to Aurora last week and is now being processed a second time. Aurora Police are taking numerous samples of the dirt and growth and are making arrangements to have them analyzed by geologists and other specialists. They are hoping that the materials may be unique to certain areas in the Rock Falls/Sterling/Dixon, Illinois areas where Amy and Timmothy were last known to be together. Those areas would then be targeted for further investigation.

Police continue to have no luck in pinpointing more exact areas the two may have visited in the I-88 and I-39 corridors where several phone calls were placed from Amy's cell phone the afternoon of May 13. Her final call, which was placed at about 1:30 p.m., placed her around 5 miles northwest of Sterling near Route 40. Aurora Police conducted a check of the area late last week and determined that a more intensive search would not be performed in the short term pending any possible links to substances lifted from the SUV and completing the review of detailed maps that may assist in better planning any future searches.

Police have released pictures depicting several toys that Amy Fry-Pitzen bought for Timmothy between May 11 and May 13. They are asking land owners, residents, visitors to parks including canoeists, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, to be on the lookout for the items as they have yet to be found. Persons are also asked to be on the lookout for a cell phone, I-Pass device, and a Spider Man backpack that were not recovered from Amy's vehicle.  Anyone coming across any of these items should call their local law enforcement agency or 9-1-1.

Police have been unable to cultivate any solid leads in Timmothy's disappearance. So far, the three computers belonging to Amy that are being processed for evidence have not yielded any clues, nor have interviews with dozens of people who had contact with Amy over the past several months. E-mails, financial documents, cell phones, and other records have also come up empty. Aurora Police continue working with multiple agencies, including those at the State and Federal levels on the case.

A multi-agency search for evidence in the Sterling/Rock Falls/Dixon area on May 19 that was overseen by Aurora Police, a May 20 air search conducted by Rockford Police that focused on the area between the Rockford motel and the area from which Amy placed the calls on May 13; and ongoing searches by police officers and employees from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, have not produced any leads.

Police continue to pursue multiple theories as to what may have happened to Timmothy and because of the lack of leads are not ruling any of them out.  Timmothy is about 4'2" and weighs around 70 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Aurora Police at (630) 256-5500, or their local authorities by dialing 9-1-1.

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