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Protesters disrupt Wis. budget committee meeting


MADISON (WKOW) -- It was chaos at the Capitol Thursday night when protesters erupted as lawmakers worked on final changes to the budget they'll start debating next week.

The Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee continued meeting late into the night after several disruptions delayed the hearing.

Capitol police say they made two arrests and escorted 25 to 30 people out of the Capitol.

They even had to carry protesters out of the hearing room.

People chanted "We shall overcome" and shouted "Shame" as lawmakers tried to discuss the budget.

Capitol police chief Charles Tubbs got to the Capitol when he heard what was going on.

People outside for a candlelight vigil protest came into the Capitol afterwards.  They started crowding outside the committee room trying to get in, but police told them there weren't enough seats and the room was at capacity.

Meanwhile, Joint Finance Committee members tried to ignore the protesting and continue as best as they could.

They voted along party lines to approve expanding the voucher school program into Racine and all of Milwaukee County, instead of just the city of Milwaukee.

They also reduced the amount cut from cities and counties from $96 million to $76 million.

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