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Republicans don't deny delay tactics


MADISON (WKOW) -- Republicans want to put fake Democrats on the recall ballots to force a primary and delay the general election for at least two senators.

Democrats claim Republicans are playing dirty politics by messing with their party's nomination process.

Republican leaders aren't denying the delay tactics. They say they want to force a democratic primary to give Republican senators Luther Olsen and Randy Hopper more time to raise money and campaign.

Democratic Candidate Jessica King has been going door to door campaigning for a July 12th recall election against Republican Senator Randy Hopper, but she may have a different candidate in an unexpected primary.

Jessica King says, "It's unfortunate, it's disrespectful and the people of Wisconsin don't want that."

The fake democratic candidate recruited to run against King is John Buckstaff, an 81-year-old businessman, and friend of Randy Hopper.

Chair of the 6th congressional district for the Republican party Dan Feyen says, "He's given to Republicans. He's supported Republican causes in the past."

Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, D-Monona, says the moves sole purpose is to delay the recall election.

Miller says, "This gives them more time to continue to push through their agenda, this gives them time to accomplish new districting, this gives them time to do all of these things that are part of their agenda rather than go before the voters and defend what they've already done."

Republicans don't deny their motive is to delay the elections. They say so in a letter sent constituents in both Hopper and Olsen's districts.

Feyen says, "The letter went out to some republican party members asking them to support a candidacy for john buckstaff to run in the democratic primary to give senator randy hopper more time."

Feyen goes on to say while candidates like King have been out campaigning Senator Hopper and Senator Luther Olsen have been at the Capitol, working.

Dan Feyen says, "We shouldn't be in this recall in the first place, Randy Hopper stayed in the state, did his job and they put us in this situation."

Democrats say it's a shame, 23,000 signatures were collected to force the recall against Hopper and now tax payer money will be used in the primary.

Feyen says, "This is just a modest measure compared to what's been going on with democratic politics leaving the state causing all the protests in Madison. The cost of that had a lot more impact than what a primary in July will have."

The primary would be July 12th delaying the general election until August. King says she's not concerned that the primary will affect her campaign and will instead use the extra time to her advantage.

King says, "My job is to communicate with my voters and I'm going to continue to do that it does give me four more weeks to get out there and make sure people know me and understand the contrast in the election."

Democratic Representative Fred Clark is running against Luther Olsen. The fake candidate set to run against him is Rol Church.

Both candidates need to turn in their nomination papers by Monday June 13th with 800 signatures attached.

Randy Hopper was not available to go on camera, but says he had nothing to do with this plan and would actually prefer a July election to get it over with.

King though, is asking Hopper to do, what she thinks is, the right thing and ask his friend to call off the, "phony primary."

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