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Local schools go without air conditioning

MADISON (WKOW) -- It might feel like summer, but for many children in Dane Co., summer break doesn't begin for another week. 

June 10 is the last day of school for many children, including those in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

And until that day comes, many students will have to spend their school days inside classrooms that don't have any air conditioning. 

At one MMSD elementary school, Huegel Elementary, administrators are taking extra precautions to ensure students stay safe in the hot weather.

"We're making sure they're staying hydrated. Some of the teachers have popsicles.  Some physical activity is being modified in gym classes," said David Bray, principal of Huegel.

Bray says that students were still allowed to play outside during recess on Monday.  But teachers were instructed to make sure students drank water when they returned to class. 

Students were also encouraged to bring bottled water, according to Bray. 

"We have a lot of kids and not a lot of drinking fountains," he says.

Temperatures Monday were not high enough for the school district to take any additional steps besides precautionary measures such as monitoring hydration levels and bringing fans into classrooms, according to a district representative. 

For now, Bray says his school and others are doing the best they can with what they have. 

Although, he would rather have to deal with the heat than severe cold.

"With extreme cold a lot of kids don't dress for it.  But with extreme heat kids have a tendency to dress better for it," said Bray.

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