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Assembly to take up budget first


MADISON (WKOW) -- Debate on Gov. Scott Walker's two year budget is set to start next week.

A spokesperson with Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald tells 27 News the Assembly will take up debate on the budget Tuesday as long as drafting of the budget is ready.

Until today, it was unclear whether the Assembly or the Senate would debate the budget first. Now, the big question still out there is what will happen with collective bargaining and when.

Assembly majority leader Scott Suder, R-Abbotsford, says they're still hopeful the Supreme Court will quickly rule on the issue, which is tied up in court.

If the Supreme Court does not come to a decision soon, Suder says they have several options available to insert it into the budget.

Both the Senate and the Assembly were back in session Wednesday. Just after 5 p.m. the Assembly wrapped up debate on AB 148. Republicans are calling it, "The bill that pays the bills." This is using part of the $636 million in extra revenue the non-partisan Fiscal Bureau discovered would be available over the next two years to pay off some of the states bills including paying back money taken from the Patient Compensation fund back in 2007.

Rep. Robin Vos says, "We intentionally left money in the funds so we wouldn't go into deficit. I know some people on the other side are used to being in deficit, but we're not trying to do that."

Democrats argued they want to pay off state's debt too, but says the legislation doesn't truly pay the bills.

Republicans have said it's important to use the money to pay off bills. Democrats say they want the money to go toward the education deficit.

Thursday, the Joint Finance Committee will hold an executive session on concealed carry. Last Friday, Gov. Walker said he would not sign a bill that doesn't have a permit or training requirement in it. Wednesday, Sen. Alberta Darling told 27 News she would also like to see both requirements included in the bill.

The Senate wouldn't take the bill up until, at the earliest, next week.


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